What is Sales Audit ?

Sales Audit:

The sales audit provides management with an in-depth, third-party perspective on the quality and capability of an organization.

The overall goal is to identify and confirm the many things your company is doing right, to flag problem areas, and to recommend specific steps you can take to improve them.

The sales audit process is designed to improve and accelerate sales performance, and you and your team will gain insights that can power revenue growth for years.

The sales  audit provides a new perspective on your sales actions and how you organize the selling process—as well as practical advice for helping your company to live up to its potential.”


Sales Audit vs Sales Review

  • MIS throws out loads of data and is left to discretion on interpretation
  • Chances of subjective/Biased feedback from hierarchy down the lane
  • Reviews focus on data and the agenda gets hijacked by few instances of bad or good behavior
  • Visits by top bosses yield good feedback but is limited by time constraints
  • Also visits by top bosses is used as an opportunity to create good will/excitement

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